Week 12 Nothing (Everything) is Impossible

Once again instant film rescued me from the hamster treadmill of always being at least a week behind. It was Saturday and I had shot zero all week. I had to go to a reproduction service near downtown to pick up some prints to take on a trip this week. They weren’t ready at the time promised and since it’s a half hour or more drive each way to my house I decided to wait while they finished. This area of town is just on the outskirts of downtown and off the main street of this area known as Little Italy. There are a lot of just-being-renovated warehouse properties and lots of trendy or almost trendy “food shacks” and microbreweries. Anyway I “happened” to have my trusty Polaroid Spectra AF into which I had loaded a pack of expired Impossible film so I grabbed it and strolled two blocks of the area looking for pictures. This area is also directly under the landing path for our airport which makes it noisy and often makes you feel like you’re about to be crushed by a plane. Herewith, the day’s selections. The expired films are a random selection and the last batch I bought had these “animal skin” frames. I kind of like them but they are a bit distracting so I cropped out all but a little.


Believe it or not they serve food here


Trendy trendy trendy…but makes a nice photo


Not sure what was behind the curtain


Infinite Yoga sounds kind of overwhelming


This is why first time visitors are terrified of the landing



Something about lawn bowling and giant chickens

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