Aero Instax

A while ago, I was wondering about shooting Instax film in non-Instax cameras, and I ran across the Instax Without Instax Flickr group.


I took an Instax photo out of a pack in the dark and taped it into a 4×5 film holder.


Then I took this photo with a Speed Graphic.

Just like Polaroid film, you need to push the film past rollers to push the chemicals over the film.   So I put the film back into an Instax pack, put it in an Instax camera, and expelled it in the dark with the lens cap on.  It worked!

Last weekend, I wanted to give it another try, but using a Kodak Aero Ektar lens, which has a f/2.5 aperture, which gives you a ridiculously shallow DOF.


I liked the idea of:

  1. Shooting with a shallow DOF on Instax film.
  2. Shooting such new film with an older camera.

A friend had a backyard BBQ, so I took a few shots.    Then like before, I put them back into the film pack in the dark (a dark bag), and expelled them from the camera with the lenscap on.


I taped the film into the 4×5 film holders upside down, so the white margin is at the top, but whatever, I like the results.

As for the future, if I want to shoot shallow DOF Instax again, I might spring for the Mamiya Universal conversion at

3 thoughts on “Aero Instax

  1. Whoa, thanks for posting this! You got some pretty good results!

    I had been thinking about sticking instax film in some other cameras to see what I could get out of the process for a little while, so I’m glad to know I was on the right track and that this is a thing! Did you try any other methods of smushing the chemicals besides sticking it back in the film pack & camera? That method obviously seems like the most foolproof, but also a little more of a pain in the butt.


  2. I saw examples in the Instax Without Instax group where people pushed the chemicals with rods or pencils…and got uneven results. I just wanted even results, so I didn’t even try doing it that way.


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