Week 14 Continued: Portrawesome!

R1-02447-0016.JPGSometimes I wonder if the additional effort and cost of film photography is worth it (come on, we all do at some point). But then, a scan will come back from the lab, or I’ll study a drying roll, and there’ll be a picture that restores my faith.

Of course, because of the subject I am entirely biased, but this is one of those pictures for me. The rest of the roll was nothing special, but that one picture made this roll (and a dozen before it) worthwhile.


Canon EOS5, Kodak Portra 400, processed and scanned by FilmDev

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19 thoughts on “Week 14 Continued: Portrawesome!

  1. Lovely portrait regardless of emulsion or pixels. I suppose most of us shoot both and often wonder what an image would have looked like in the other format.


  2. Nice portraits! I like the rugby action as well, I should try to find some local college matches. I do my own processing of film (even color) and that keeps the costs quite reasonable. I know not everyone can get the chemicals, which is a shame. It is very exciting scanning your first home developed C-41 roll and seeing the rich colors on the screen (I still find it hard to ‘read’ color negatives).


    • Thanks Joe. The processing costs for the place that I use for colour (I do my own B/W) is actually very reasonable, but the postage cost and the initial cost of the film all adds up.
      As for the rugby, it was fun to shoot something like that on film. A guy was there with a digital camera and huge lens, firing many frames per second. He must have come away with several hundred pictures of the game. I had less than 10…

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