[Eben] Roll 7 – Long Beach and Home Again

I am pretty sure this is actually the 8th roll of the year. The real 7th roll is something of a mystery. I took it right in the middle of a prolonged mono-like illness when I was having a bit of trouble knowing what was going on sometimes. This week I popped it in my film changing bag to load it into the developing tank and discovered that, despite being factory sealed, there was only a ripped tag end of film in the canister. I can only imagine that it ripped off at the end of the roll in one of my cameras and that I threw it away (I checked and there is no extra film in any of them). This is the only logical explanation, but I have no memory of it.


Enough about film that is gone. This roll is TMAX 400 shot in box speed and developed in D76. This is basically how I learned to shoot and develop black and white more than a decade ago, and so I purchased a bunch of TMAX a while back. Ultimately, there is something to the film that just doesn’t work for me anymore. That said, I really like a few of these shots that I took on a business trip down to longbeach. The end of the roll is of my son, who is very hard to focus on with a rangefinder.

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