Olympus Trip First Roll


I have been testing a lot of new-to-me cameras this year – I seem to have come across quite a few on my list of cameras to try. Today’s example is an Olympus Trip 35 (there are a lot of Olympus cameras on that list). This is a bit of a cult camera but I have always felt it deserves its reputation, even before I knew of its popular status. My wife had one before we got married and the pictures she took when working overseas are excellent. Enough so that I wondered how she was taking sharper better exposed photos than I was with my Pentax Spotmatic (the answer to that is that I did not know what I was doing, and she did not need to know with the Trip). Her Trip is around the house somewhere – in a box of stuff that we obviously don’t need if it hasn’t seen the light of day for a few years. One day it will surface and I will give it a try too.

I could have done a better job on these scans – I was experimenting with different techniques and this was not a complete success. I have shown a lot of the images from this camera on my blog already. You can find all of them at this link (a few of them are in the gallery below). When I eventually put another roll through this camera that link will accumulate those posts too. The delay in using it again are the light seals which really should be replaced. I like pretty much everything about this camera, though have to learn to reset the zone focus as I have become used to other zone focus cameras which reset themselves to the middle distance between uses (like the Olympus XA2 which resets when you close the clam shell). It came to me in need of a good clean, and really the seals look about as simple as they can be, so no big obstacle. I have just been too busy to do it.




Click on any image below to launch larger versions in the gallery view, navigate with the arrows in the gallery.


Roll 12: Olympus Trip, Kodak GC 400, commercially processed, home scanned.

14 thoughts on “Olympus Trip First Roll

  1. Reblogged this on burnt embers and commented:

    My roll 12 of the 2016 52 Rolls project. This has the rest of the test roll from an Olympus Trip which I have been showing on Burnt Embers for a few weeks now.


  2. Love the pics!

    A week ago I got myself an Olympus 35RC from The Bay, sold as not working (shutter not firing) … the lens had quite a few scratches … but lo and behold it works perfectly!! I later realized that the advance lever was probably left half cocked by the previous user.

    I ran a roll of TMAX 400 through it to see how much the scratches would affect the images, but the scans were pecfect other than the fact that the rangefinder is a little mis-aligned … my infinity shots were very sharp!! Will try to use this more on the streets and leave the critical focusing for my SLR.

    I love the camera size, sharp lens, OFF function, ability to shoot without batteries, the 42mm focal length and the easiest-to-use film advance lever … these little Oly gems are so underrated!


    • Hi Ashoke. I have one of those, but sadly it does not work. Its a parts camera now waiting to be a donor for a better specimen when one comes my way. Mine too has a bit of rubbing on the glass which may or may not matter. I won’t know till I get it working enough to take film. There are many very fine Olympus film cameras.


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