Week 14 – Garages, Doors & Alleyways

The weather has been all over the place here in Wales and with work being busy getting time to plan a shoot is near impossible.

I have 3 cameras loaded with different films so that dependant on the light when I get a chance I am ready to get through a roll.

This week it was the Canon T90 with the 28mm f2.8 and some expired ilford HP5 rated at 800 as the day was pretty overcast and I prefer the look of HP5 when pushed.

I tried to get some sort of theme to this roll but it it ended up pretty random again except for the Garage doors.

Hopefully now with the lighter nights coming and maybe some good light I am going to spread a little further a field and plan my shoots more.

I recently picked up a Fuji instax 100 in a charity shop and bought a couple of packs of film so my next post may be the results of my adventure into instant film.

You can find more of my stuff at

https://usingfilm.wordpress.com/ and https://timdobbsphotography.wordpress.com/

and on Twitter as @timdobbsphoto

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