week #15 – Billboards

We are having this discussion at the moment in Germany that the government wants to abolish advertising for cigarettes on billboards. This is of course completely ridiculous. Just think about it: not the product itself is bad and should be abolished, but the ads are!

However, for me it was like an alarm bell to go out and have a look at today´s billboards and document what they are showing. Who knows what is going to be abolished tomorrow? And aren´t we photographers the shrine-keepers of things fading out? Especially if we are addicted to film photography?

So this 15th roll is going to all the billboards out there, standing tough in the wind and the rain, showing things that are forbidden and always in danger to be abolished by somebody who has nothing to do than thinking about stupid ideas…..

I was accompanied this time by my always reliable Nikon EM, the first SLR I ever owned back in 1979. She was equipped with the 1.8/5o Series E, a small and light ensemble. Film was a Kodak 200 from the drugstore, bathed in Silvermax for 11 minutes at around 20°C.

Have fun!

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