Week 15 – Adventures with some Fuji Instax wide

I picked up a Fuji instax 100 camera in a car-boot sale months ago and never got around to using it as I have a few Polaroid cameras and have experimented with the impossible project films.

To be honest I was not all that impressed with what I was getting from the impossible stuff whether it was how or what I was shooting that was the problem I don’t really know but the resultant images were a let down.

So especially for this 52 rolls project I thought it was about time to give instax a try so I bought 2 boxes and shot one last week and I must say I love the way they look, the colours/size and actually how reasonably sharp they look.

Ok they were nothing more than snapshots while I went for a walk but the potential for shooting a whole project was there….. I’m addicted now and have ordered more film and have been looking at the other Fuji instax camera to see if there are any other features as the instax 100 is pretty basic.

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One thought on “Week 15 – Adventures with some Fuji Instax wide

  1. I’ve found myself going to instant film a lot more since I entered this project. It’s actually quite fun although frustrating. The problem I have with the Instax is I have the mini and the film is so tiny. I’ve been using the Impossible film with my old Polaroid Impulse and although it’s stupidly expensive I find myself buying more because Fuji doesn’t make a 600 film. I am also contemplating a project using this stuff. Why not?

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