Week 13, Pickerel Lake

My family house borders a state park, which serves as the boat launch for Pickerel Lake. Across the street is a section of the Salmon River (CT) State Park, so we have lots of wildlife and forest habitat around us. I decided to head down to the lake after an early Spring snowfall with my Fuji GA645zi, with a red filter attached and loaded with Kodak TMax 400. I set the ISO at 50 since the Fuji does not have a meter that uses the lens, then put it on aperture priority.

The snow had finished and the sun was beginning to come out, so I knew the snow on the trees would be falling off and melting pretty quick. Film was developed in Rodinal 1+25.




I love the way the ripples in the water on this shot turned out.

Siblings along the causeway



Detail sibling #1

I also tried out my camera’s remote shutter release, which I didn’t even know it had. It accepts the old-school mechanical shutters, but since it uses the new-school method of half-depress to focus, I wasn’t exactly sure how it would work. So I got a blurry selfie.

5 thoughts on “Week 13, Pickerel Lake

  1. I like the very first one, and the blurry selfie. I have one like that which I accidentally took with my Bronica zensa on a wobbly tripod and it’s one of my all time favorites.


  2. Great selfie. Like the first one of the tree with the streaming light coming from the left and the trees reflected in the lake.


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