#12.0/12.1: Silvermax, F2 (24mm) + F5 (17mm + 210mm)

Spring started restrainedly in Berlin, the girls couldn’t wait to get rid of the winter coats, scarfs and all – and they beg to wear skirts, light summer dresses and sandals. But it’s still too cold and their noses are still running.

Tha late afternoon, the bright light was shining down from a low angle, perfect for a trip with the F2 and the new non-Ai K-Type 24/2.8. I mostly held the cam without looking through the viewfinder and shot from the hip by pressing the shutter with the thumb to have a childlike perspective. Usually the horizons come into inclination this way, but this time I was lucky.

I like the back light / wide angle situations with ancient glass. The flares are unusual and Silvermax is a nice film when there’s plenty of light around and the 24mm (my third after the AF-Sigma f/2.8 AF and the Cosinon 24mm for the Pentax ME super) is another great portable lens. I like to practice focusing with manual lenses from time to time and alternatingly played with the hyperfocal distance, backlight and often shot with the aperture wide open.

There was another Silvermax, this time in the F5 and a 17-35 and 70-210. One example:


Berlin, Silvermax, F5, Sigma AF 17-35/2.8-4

The combination with the 70-210 is clumsy but provides you with AF, an aperture of f/2.8 with an aspherical lens system and the excellent metering of the F5. The brutalism of the architecture resembles the brutalistic gear:


Beastie Gear: Nikon F5 + Sigma AF 70-210/2.8 APO (by a Nikon F2 + 55/3.5, Silvermax)

More examples:


My expectations that participating at 52rolls.net might help me to get a more systematical approach helps already. I am shooting more than these examples, but the scanning and editing process slows everyone down. I think without 52rolls it would be harder to file the material – just an idea. And I am creating a wishlist with topics I like to shoot.

Pollux on 52rolls:

6 thoughts on “#12.0/12.1: Silvermax, F2 (24mm) + F5 (17mm + 210mm)

  1. I like the shot of the young girl from the back running down the street. Nice composition with the shadow, great tones.


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