Week 15: Spring Blossom

OK after a short break after the Easter holidays time to get back to this project.  The eagle eyed amongst you may notice there is no week 13 or 14.  I have to be practical about this and did think should I keep in sequential order but would like to finish in line with calendar year.

So for this week the film is Fuji Pro400h and I shot it around St Paul’s cathedral and the blossom in the trees.   I have not made any post processing edits with these.

I have noticed with the Holga (you will see with the images) I have a lot of trouble getting the distance right when using the close focus setting so these shots are not great.


7 thoughts on “Week 15: Spring Blossom

  1. These shots remind me of some of the reasons I hate the Holga. I truly admire your perseverance. And the blossoms on the trees make everythihg beautiful no matter what.

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    • Your comment really made me laugh. I hate the Holga also! really starting to feel I am wasting all this medium format film


    • I know and have seen you can get great results from the Holga and when I have got it right have been pleased with the results. I committed to 52rolls to help my learning and plan to stick with it,. Just tough some days


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