Week #16 – Pictures of an exhibition

We are having what is called “the biggest industrial fair in the world” here in Hannover, Germany. The company that pays my bills had sent me over to build the booth for our products. We are into bearings and guide systems and always looking for new customers.

This year it was a little bit special as President Obama was supposed to come over for the opening and the level of security had been raised up to the Mars. I really would have liked to see him but there was no way. Never seen so many police, I swear. And those where not the friendly cops you meet in town – those guys had a very different look in their face.

However – I took some photographs and would like to dedicate the 16th roll to Barack Obama, the invisible president.

One more thing: this roll should have been the 17th but I completely spoiled the one before using outdated developer. It was absolutely devastating and I was about to take the digital cam with me for Hanover to avoid an other disaster. But then I felt like betraying my old EOS 30, it had not been her fault. And so I grabbed the film stuff for the trip.

And I´m glad I did. All photographs taken with Canon EOS 30 and either EF 2.8/40 or EF 4-5.6/70-300. Film was Kodak 200, developed in Tetenal C-41 at 38°C.

Have fun!

3 thoughts on “Week #16 – Pictures of an exhibition

  1. Nice shots! I would have chosen film over digital as well. The company I work for here in the US started out as an Italian company under FIAT. We used to have a lot of SEW Eurodrive gear motors on our gantry robots. We are now gradually converting over to ABB robots. I don’t mean to get too political, but a lot of us in the States would agree with your assessment that Obama is an “Invisible President”, more like an empty suit. I hope you have success with the fair.

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  2. I’ve only seen Obama once in person, when he was running for election in 2008 and spoke at the Denver Civic Center…….Security not quite as high as now…….but we were so far away he was barely visible.

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