Week 16: Portra and a Pint

This week I shot a roll of expired (2004) Kodak Portra 400vc a very nice film that give nice colours.

One clarification based on my recent posts.  I really really don’t like using the Holga (I can’t lie and pretend otherwise), but I can see that when handled properly it can produce some fantastic images.  I see some of the images by those proficient with a Holga and they really capture some beautiful images.  I will continue to hate using the Holga right up until week 52, when I will either be totally in love with it or never touch it again.  However each week using it is providing me with a valuable lesson helping me to try and improve my photography.

Anyway, the theme this week is my favourite subject, the good old British Pub.  For me one image in particular I am very pleased with.

So get yourself a pint of beer or glass of wine and hopefully enjoy some of the images.


8 thoughts on “Week 16: Portra and a Pint

  1. So which one is your favorite? I like the one with the nutcrackers (at least I think that’s what they are) out front. My admiration for you grows every week. There is no way I could force myself to use a Holga week after week. I would have run over it or thrown it off a cliff by now. Perhaps you should think about a book about Zen and the Art of Holga Photography (sorry bad joke).


    • I like the postbox one. Thanks wait until the next update, I think you will like where I am going with this next


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