#13: Diary with a Point & Shoot

Logfile: The main external storage hard drive (3 TB) crashed in February, with the most important photographic diary material of the last fourteen months on it. Luckily some of the material has already been printed. Now I’ve got an internal 8 TB hard drive, together with a SSD for the system data. But restoring and filing the remaining material was no joy. And thus, I wasn’t too much in the mood of scanning and editing lately.


The end of winter was connected with another success of the elder child. With five, she managed to finish her swimming lessons successfully. Now she’s not only allowed to wear a badge with a seahorse. She’s also officially privileged to enjoy the deep side of the pool (she did that proudly today, four weeks later, without further training in the meantime).

I wasn’t in the mood of shooting analog, there were other demands everywhere and if there weren’t the new F2, I wouldn’t have shot much on film. But the little AF600 saved the honor and let me continue with my quest.

There are also some underwater pictures, but I’ll drop the idea of shooting on film in the swimming hall with an analog cam, just because digital is hard to beat here – speaking of video and higher ISO for example. Besides, everyone in our public swimming hall is shooting family pictures with the phone, but I was forbidden to shoot pictures with my AF600 by some grumbling lifeguards. There are more important problems around to solve, I’ll leave it at that. Some outlaw shots:


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