Week 12: The film that could have been…


Except it so utterly wasn’t.

It was full of pictures of the Eden Project where I’d been for four amazing days as a participant on the Big Lunch Extras course for people who do astounding stuff in their communities (and they let me in too).

It was full of coastal paths, deserted beaches and an abandoned quarry that I’d explored alone, daring myself to stay an extra day and enjoy a bit of freedom far from home.

Hell, it even had conclusive proof that fairies existed.

Then I got tired and carelessly pulled the whole thing out of the dark bag with the backing paper.
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16 thoughts on “Week 12: The film that could have been…

  1. I feel your pain 😦 we went into NYC this weekend and I have at least one roll from the Hasselblad that half of the photos won’t show up because either the camera was firing with the dark slide in which it isn’t supposed to do or if the dark side was left out to avoid that misfire then it would accidentally fire off as I was walking around and it would bump against me. I’m just waiting to develop the rolls and and have other stuff go wrong. Glad to know we are not all alone in our film struggles.

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    • I was taking pics at a festival from the press area when I read this – on film. I was quite drunk. I’ll find out how unwise this was when they’re developed!

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  2. Oh no I’m sad to hear this but remember the old adage those who make no mistakes do no work…..onward and upward to next week I say

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    • I’d have been much more upset but fortunately some pinhole pics worked…they’re coming up soon!


    • Argh! I brightened up when I realised I could blog about it anyway. Hopefully it’ll make some people feel better and prevent others from making the same silly mistake!

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  4. There is no preventing idiots from making mistakes. I have had two “opening the camera back thinking the film was completely rewound” mistakes just in the past month. But thanks for thinking of me 🙂 Anyway at least you have the pictures in your head. And I want to know more about the fairies.

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