Week 17 – Day off walk with the Mamiya 645

52Rolls-week-17--3I managed to get a day off work on Friday to make a long weekend as it is a Bank Holiday here on Monday.

The weather forecast was supposed to be sunny so I decided to go for a walk up the Carn mountain here in the Garw valley which  is a fair old trek but I figured I had all day to do it in.

I loaded may Mamiya 645/80mm f2.8 with some ilford HP5 and set off in the bright sunshine.52Rolls-week-17--4

I reached the top in pretty good time only stopping to take 2 images on the way.

As I began to walk across the top the skies darkened and we had an almighty hail show that I managed to half shelter from but still it felt like I had been paint-balling.52Rolls-week-17--5After about 10 minutes it stopped as quickly as it came and then back to blue skies and bright sunshine …. totally bonkers weather here 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Week 17 – Day off walk with the Mamiya 645

  1. Yes, the weather is a bit crazy here as well. But it’s not too suprising. I mean, it’s April after all. 🙂 I am however really glad that you went. These are all really great shots!

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  3. Lovely… I also have a Mamiya 645, especially for my macro photography, and when I think I will want to change film (chageable backs). Although now mostly shoot the Mamiya 7. We know about those sudden hail showers here in Colorado. Had our first of the spring a couple of weeks ago……


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