Week 15: Paris-Tokyo !

After a period of relative calm, I’m travelling again. I’m just back from a two week trip to Japan, which was great fun. For work but also for holidays. This month I’ll be heading to Brittany, Portugal and the UK, bringing along of course hefty stocks of Tri-X each time. So the next few posts will be about my trip to Japan.  During this trip I shot 8 rolls of film and — gasps are heard in the back — one roll of colour film (Portra 400) as well as a roll of TMAX-100. The Portra I haven’t had time to develop but I have managed to develop all the others, and I am still slowly scanning everything. Here are some shots from the first days of my trip.

Actually the week before I left the weather was really awful. So awful in fact about the only picture I have to show you is this one, it was a struggle to finish roll 15:


Heavy rain in Paris

But luckily, there was a trip to the aeroport to make:



And then by the miracle of modern transportation:


In Ueno park

You notice that those are cherry blossoms? And they are pink? The weather was lovely. Yes, that is one of the reasons I took a roll of Portra. Of course there are lots of nice interesting things to photograph in Japan. These photographs are all from our first day, the Sunday, last day of week 14, and I was heavily jet-lagged.


Of course, a Buddha


Some nice evening light in Tri-X


But, don’t forget the pachinko halls

And this is Ueno at night. What did Shaw say about Time Square? It must be lovely if you can’t read. Next week, I will post my photographs from the Tokyo part of my trip.


Ueno at night

Technical details: Camera: Leica M6 with a Summicron-M 50mm. Film is Tri-X 400 developed in HC110 dil. E @ 8mins.

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