Week 18 – Castles

Here in Wales we have loads of old castles knocking about, there are 4 within 20 miles of my home.

This castle featured here is Coity Castle situated in Coity just outside Bridgend .

Here is a wiki link for more details if anyone may be interested ūüėČ


I have taken plenty of images of most of them over the years but decided to see if I could get a different sort of feel by shooting my most local castle in the square format using my Bronica SQai and the PS40mm f4.

I really struggle with shooting square, I am never really happy with the composition unless I am shooting portraits.

I only managed 7 frames on the day as like I said my composition ideas didn’t fit the square format which is¬†something I really need to practice as I have a few TLR’s that i want to start shooting more with.

Nevertheless I am pretty happy with the results, they were shot on expired Fuji Reala 100 and processed & scanned as usual by http://www.filmdev.co.uk/


You can find more of my stuff at

https://usingfilm.wordpress.com/ and https://timdobbsphotography.wordpress.com/

and on Twitter as @timdobbsphoto

2 thoughts on “Week 18 – Castles

  1. I shoot both square (Yashica 635) and 645 (Fuji GS645S) and I’d like to say that the first and fourth pictures came out real nice!

    Did you try converting them to B&W?

    P.S.: I love the ambience of old castles … I visited a few in Goa, India and they were fabulous!

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