Week 15: Color!

For week #15 I used the Bronica SQ-Ai again. This time with the 150mm f/4. I hadn’t used that lens before and wanted to see how it fares. I discovered that it’s a bit too long for what I normally shoot. I went meterless again just like in week #14.

Bronica SQ-Ai, 150mm f/4, Kodak Portra 400, developed & scanned by meinfilmlab.de.

Chevy VanHafner-P400-2572-01Hafner-P400-2572-02Hafner-P400-2572-03Hafner-P400-2572-04Hafner-P400-2572-05Hafner-P400-2572-06Hafner-P400-2572-07Hafner-P400-2572-08Hafner-P400-2572-09Hafner-P400-2572-10Hafner-P400-2572-11

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