Week 18:Colour Shift

You may recall that I am going to use the next few weeks (and then some) experimenting with all types of films, filters and processing with the Holga as part of my 52 rolls.  This hopefully will help me learn and better understand  film so I can bring concepts across for my main format of 35mm film.

This week I have shot the Lomography ISO 200 slide film.  I love slide film and Fuji Velvia is an absolute favourite of mine.  I have always had slide film processed as per standard E6.  The colour pop from slide film for me is just wow.  I know lots of photographers x’pro slide film I.e. Get it processed in C41 for the colour shifts.

So I figured let’s give it a try.  So below is my first ever x’pro’d slide film.  I haven’t done any post processing with these or tried to alter the colours.  Will I now x’pro slide film.  Not everytime, but hell yeah loads more


6 thoughts on “Week 18:Colour Shift

  1. Not all slide films XPro well. Fuji is one that doesn’t the Lomography XPro line (which is Agfa stock) does as does Kodak Elite Chrome if you can get your hands on expired stock.

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  2. I love cross processing. I agree the green is a definite feature of the Fuji film, but in some instances you can make it work for you. I have some wonderful cemetery/statuary shots that I shot and cross processed where the green makes them just fabulous. So maybe choose depending on your subject matter. I’ve got a tip from the above discussion, since I’ve not tried the Lomography slide film previously.

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