Week 17.1: Kyoto

Kyoto … I spent a week there with ML, and this time strictly for holidays. It is now the fourth time I had visited this city, it is a wonderful place. Needless to say, it is full of different photographic opportunities. It is the first time I visit with a film camera, which is fun. I don’t have to take all the kinds of photographs that I might have took before. So, it was a bit like my trip to Hawaii: a chance to see a familiar place differently.

Well, one of the interesting things in any place I realise now are the people. Here are some Kyoto people waiting for a bus:


At the bus stop

Of course in Japan there is always someone to direct you. This man was directing the traffic, but he looks like he is auditioning maybe?


Directing the traffic, or, making an audition.

There were a lot of people like me there to take pictures. It was the peak of the tourist season, after all. Here are some of them in Nara:


Taking pictures in Nara

And this is one of the things they were taking pictures of, a procession of monks (I also have the same picture, but in white robes):


There is of course a wonderful market in Kyoto, but it’s hard to know what to buy especially if you don’t speak the language:


At the market

Where are the temples and gardens? Well here are a few:


At the temple


In the garden


There was a lot of rain the last few days:



And it was clear that not everyone was having a good time:


On the roof

Kyoto at night is beautiful:


At night.

And this was actually a very good restaurant, but we had to go inside to be sure:


At night (2)

That’s my selection ! I shot a lot of film, and so I permitted myself to shoot a few frames with a 35mm lens :-). It was liberating, but I think I am starting to learn how to use it better. All the film here is Tri-X, I may come back in a few days with some colour images…

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