Week 18: You’re a failure, comrade

I had the brilliant idea to use my brand new lovely yellow Zenit 3 to shoot a roll for May 1, which is apparently Commie Camera day, in honor of all those great old Soviet cameras (and the workers who made them). I took a look inside, tried the mechanisms, looked up what I could found about operation, and jiggered the focusing mirror mechanism until it worked just right. Then I loaded in some color film and off I went. Unfortunately although this camera is a Leica copy of sorts, it does not have the openable back plate so you can’t adjust the film or see that it’s properly seated. You guessed it – although the counter advanced,. the film did not. So…herewith my pretty little camera and its developed roll of nothing. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the film to advance properly (ie., get it set into the sprockets ) if anyone has any helpful info.


9 thoughts on “Week 18: You’re a failure, comrade

  1. I have a 3m, It is a little tricky to load. There is kind of a little tab on the take up reel that you need to feed the film leader into. I always make sure it has one advance before closing the back.


  2. One of my first SLRs was a Zenit B, I never got it working the film was constantly slipping out. I ended up trading it for a K1000.


  3. That reminds me a lot of my Kiev 4AM. That damn thing never really advanced the film either. In my case the issue was that the wheel that’s supposed to transport the film was always disengaged, i.e. in the state that’s needed to rewind the film. :/


  4. I feel your pain. This happenened to me when I was 15. Gothy boy with bluebells pics…my sorrow still runs deep!


  5. I have an old Kalimar Wide-X that we saved from a trash bin. Has some quirks, but functions after a fashion. I’ll try to remember to use it next May 1st. Almost a year to wait.


    • Worth the wait. Keep any eye on the Film Shooters Collective blog or Facebook page. I just edited a fun article on commie cameras and their day that will be showing up in the next couple of weeks.


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