#15 – Memories of Friendship

Sometimes I wonder wether it is an appropriate idea to post family pictures on the web, here you can find a discussion about that on 52rolls, but then again, sometimes I don’t mind to show some of them because I’m aware of the possible drawbacks and try to pay tribute to that.

My younger daughter is missing some of her friends who are now on a different kindergarten. On week #15 she met one of them and obviously enjoyed their meeting a lot.

It’s a Tri-X with a Yashica Electro 35 GTN, I like the focal length and these pictures are among my favorites of this year because they convey the joy I’m striving to preserve with photography of this kind. They also bring me back to the merits of simplicity, which I like very much.

Gear section:

I already had a Yashica Electro 35 GT, and although these are fine cameras, they don’t take beatings easily. They often have this “Pad of death” issue and demand to be treated with love. My man in Cologne, who is fixing my gear regularily (more on him later), refused to get his hands on it. Too strenuous. So I got me a second one, a very nice model (the GTN with golden contacts, jay), and a week later it fell on the floor. I’ve got to talk to Cologne again.

The other new cam, the Zeiss Folder, is working nicely. Now the scanner is defining the limit, not the lens. The famous T* coating is fine, but I didn’t start to develop C-41 yet and generally speaking I don’t see a reason for C-41 with medium format right now. But there is some Reala 100 waiting for a fine day to celebrate, and I’m looking forward to it. And I’m also looking forward to find some different color moods. Maybe I’ll get the chance to shoot more in the later hours.

The first roll in color in the Zeiss showed that the lens coating is fine. The limitations in sharpness in this picture here are defined by the scanner, not by the lens. The photograph shows a place in Berlin where the U-Bahn – the subway – is directed right through a house where people are living (more details in German here, in English here). I give you a magnified picture as well.

(Full sized version)

So this works nicely for me with 52rolls: Without editing this post I probably would have forgotten that I intended to celebrate the joy of photography with some Reala 100.
Pollux on 52rolls:

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