Week 19: Red or Dead

This week as part of my experimenting with film and the Holga I shot my first ever roll of Redscale.  Now with my limited knowledge and a quick google check, this is where the film is reversed so you shoot through the back of the film and thus the red layer is exposed first.  I also took the opportunity to try a couple of multiple exposures

So what have I discovered:

  • i like redscale but need to experiment more with it
  • looks like the longer you expose it the ‘less red’ it becomes, I guess as the light has more time to get through to the film
  • when shooting certain types of multiple exposure, should probably use a tripod
  • Everything is the wrong way round as you are shooting through the back

as per previous I am posting these with out any adjustments, good or bad so we can see what is going on in camera. Enjoy

Redscale Images:



Double multiple exposure:

Four times multiple exposure:


Five times exposure, would be better with a tripod



12 thoughts on “Week 19: Red or Dead

    • Thank you. I think it will take a few trys with different types of light to try and get used to this


  1. Very informative. I have some of this film but have not shot it. Did you use the actual “Redscale” film or did you just reverse a regular color roll? I love the very last shot!!!

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