Week 19 – Trees, Fences & Hills

TimDobbsPhotography-014A little late with this weeks post as it was also shot as a bit of a test for another challenge that I am taking part in … #NOGEARNOFEAR.

The challenge consists of shooting an ilford disposable camera containing HP5 and trying to take 6 images of the 4 subjects … Architecture, Street, Portrait and Landscape.

As the camera has no controls other than a shutter button/flash and a winder it is slightly hit and miss if you go from gloomy to bright sunshine so I planned on taping a cokin red filter to the front when shooting the landscapes to bring down the exposure.

So as a quick test I dug out my Pentax Program A with the 50mm f1.7 and mounted the filter on the lens and went out in reasonably bright light to see what I got shooting at approx the same as the disposable would e.g f10 ish at 1/100th ish.

Luckily the clouds built up as I could not get near the correct exposure even with the filter at first.

Anyway I shot the roll and processed it in ilfotec HC and was pretty pleased with the results,the filter gave the clouds a bit of definition and seemed to emphasize the hazy feel that seemed to appear when it clouded over.

A couple of the frames were over exposed and for this post I tweaked them in Lightroom but the #NOGEARNOFEAR challenge will not allow that and what I shot is what I will get but the day that I shot the disposable was pretty overcast so fingers crossed 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Week 19 – Trees, Fences & Hills

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  2. Its surprising what one can get out of a disposable camera. Like the lone tree and the fence line shots.


  3. Cool that you did that challenge. I was going to, I even got the camera, but life just got away from me. However in general I love shooting disposables for a one off thing, like a day in a particular place, or whatever. I’ve been surprised at some of the great results. Good luck in the challenge!

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