Band Photos Around the House


Tea 3 Elan IIe

More photographs from the Sam Weber band publicity shots that I did in late February. For more information about the photography, band and their new album check out my previous post here. These were shot around the house, one of several settings we tried out.



 Click on any image in the gallery to view larger and navigate with the arrows.




Roll 17: Canon Elan 7N and Elan IIe, Mamiya M645 Super and Instax Mini 8. Commercially processed, scanned at home, edited and b&w conversions in Lightroom

5 thoughts on “Band Photos Around the House

    • Thanks Melinda. I found it pretty difficult task actually. I have no idea how to get people to relax, nor how to get them to pose (the opposite of relaxing I supposed). We could have done better. My son for instance, he looks cheerful in about 2 photos out of all those rolls of film. And positively grim in about 85%. Even so, there are some photos I am pleased with – especially at the observatory.


      • I don’t think he looks grim – I think he looks Artsy. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

        There were several shots were Sam was slightly more in focus than the others, or was lit a little differently that made it apparent that he was Sam. You did that on purpose, I’m going to assume.

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        • Thanks Melinda. The focus was on purpose, and the lighting was exploited, it was a gift from the sun. I did not post any of the grim shots. Hopefully they all look Artsy enough for these artists.

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