Week 16: Meh

Week 16 has been long delayed. I shot a roll of film I was hoping to have fun results with. I’ve been experimenting with film soups and this one was a black and white roll souped in vinegar. Unfortunately I made the stupidest mistake ever while developing (two reel tank, developing one reel, always put the reel with film on it on the bottom…except when you don’t). So I needed to find something quick to substitute. Casting about in my giant stock of film I found a roll of Lomochrome Turquoise marked “16 shot then rerolled”. I vaguely remembered having started the roll somewhere and then rerolled in order to use some film more suitable for what I wanted to shoot. So….I popped it in, advanced to the middle and took a bunch of random shots around my immediate environs. I finally got it back from developing and was surprised to find the first half of the pictures were taken during my visit to Santiago, Chile last October. The scenes are from the starting of a religious procession called the Senor de los Milagros. Everyone who looks like they’re wearing red is actually wearing deep purple. You can see how the color shifting of this film isn’t really suitable for this type of scene (it often makes people’s faces look like Smurfs), but here are some of the ones that are not bad.

The second half of the roll I tried to choose subjects that were a bit more suited to this film. The color shifts work best with a lot of blue (ocean/sky) and also oranges and yellows. The flowers that appear to be deep blue/purple are actually mostly bright orange. I’m a bit more pleased with these.

Finally, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this sign, which is just down the hill from my house and always kind of makes me uneasy, although my house is on a different part of the hill you see in the background and I probably wouldn’t be killed by a tsunami…..


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