Band Photos at the Observatory



More photographs from the Sam Weber band series – these were shot at the Gonzales Observatory. The first image is my favourite of the series.  For more information about the photography, band and their new album check out the first in this series here.

Today the band released the above video of the single from their new album.Typical of music videos the connection between the imagery and the song is opaque. It seems the kind of thing that people in their mid-20s appreciate, though this one might resonate the most with Canadians in the mid-20s since it uses with a lot of humor and totally out of context, a couple of actors usually found in fitness videos. You can judge the music and the video for yourself below. And, for what it’s worth my older and musically barren ears think there are better songs on the album than this single.

 Click on any image in the gallery to view larger and navigate with the arrows.



Roll 18: Canon Elan 7N and Elan IIe, Mamiya M645 Super and Instax Mini 8. Commercially processed, scanned at home, edited and b&w conversions in Lightroom

One thought on “Band Photos at the Observatory

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    More of the Sam Weber band shots taken while getting their new album ready for release, which is at the end of this week. It includes a link to their rather weird video, released today.


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