Week 16 – Brighton

I have been really snowed under the last few weeks at work, working a six day week, which hasn’t left me much time to get out and take an photos. But yesterday I made my way to Brighton, just for a day out. I took my Ricoh Diacord with me and picked up a few rolls of HP5, along with the Portra i already had loaded. I jumped on the train and headed south.

I don’t shoot a lot of colour, the main reason is that I can’t process it myself at home and it costs a fair bit to get it developed and scanned, but I finished the roll and will send them off on Tuesday, hopefully share a few next week.

These are all HP5 processed in Ilfotec HC. The more I use this camera, the more comfortable I feel with it , it really is an incredible camera, and I am loving the whole medium format journey that I am on at the moment, so much so that I am thinking of selling my 35mm and investing in some more MF equipment.

©2016 Photo: Dave Nash

©2016 Photo: Dave Nash

©2016 Photo: Dave Nash

©2016 Photo: Dave Nash

©2016 Photo: Dave Nash

©2016 Photo: Dave Nash

6 thoughts on “Week 16 – Brighton

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  2. Love the square and enjoy using my Yashicamat 124G too, even though it can be tricky to frame sometimes 😕 Only 35mm I wouldn’t sell is my beloved Leica M6 😉


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