Week 22 – YashicaMat love

52 Rolls - week 22-

I have a few shelves with various old cameras on display, most have been shot by myself at one time or another but none of them have been my goto cameras they are more like ornaments really.

I have all my everyday cameras in either camera bags (you can never have too many) or some purpose built drawers.

Just for a bit of a change I had the urge to load up the YashicaMat and give it a workout.

It was quite a bright day so I shot some ilford FP4 instead of my favorite HP5.52 Rolls - week 22--6

The lens on the Yashica is very sharp especially when stopped down and the amount of detail in my scans is very impressive.

It’s such a nice camera to shoot with although the viewfinder is a little dark when the light isn’t good but that said it does make me slow down when composing/focusing my shots which is a good thing as I am still struggling to get used to the square format.52 Rolls - week 22--3

I may run a roll of colour film through it on the weekend maybe some Ektar just to see how sharp it really is 🙂

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