Week 21: Laugeveggur, Bad Taste Records and more

At the end of May I headed off for a solo trip to Iceland. I didn’t get as far as I would have liked in my explorations as the trip had to be cut short. But I saw enough to know I will definitely have to go back. I wildly miscalculated the weather and lighting I might encounter and the things I might want to shoot, thereby taking a lot of film I had to make do with. Oh, and my camera did turn out to have a light leak even with the prior testing (see Week 20) – although it wasn’t as bad as the leak that happened in the exact same model camera on my trip to Peru. Sigh. I don’t care, I love every frame, even the messed up ones. Herewith, the first roll I shot the day I arrived. The bulk of the film I took was Agfa Vista 200 because it’s cheap and I love it. The conditions were overcast to rainy (as they were most of the week and wherever I went) so I pushed it and it responded quite nicely.

Reykjavik is a very interesting city, mixing old and funky with new and ultra modern, often right next to each other. I will say that much of the downtown and waterfront area seemed overly touristy to me….but I liked it anyway. Especially when I happened on little gems like this, tucked into a backyard. 21750013

Below is the main “shopping district”  street, Laugeveggur. It contains a lot of touristy shops and cafes but also some very interesting displays of homegrown design including clothing, housewares, a wonderful bookstore that reminded me of Powell’s but in Icelandic (complete with built in coffee shop), and a haberdashery that I’m glad was closed when I found it or I would surely have come home with several new hats.


A lot of random things happened that first day, including the sudden appearance of a bicycle parade of some sort. Everyone was dressed in what (it seemed to me) was supposed to be English-y clothing (lots of tweed) and all wore white armbands. It might have been something to do with a TV show or movie I’ve never seen, or some local cause. Who knows? Made for a few good photos anyway.

As always, all photos are direct from the scanner, no “improvements”. Oh, and yes I did visit the Phallological Museum. No film of that one.

2 thoughts on “Week 21: Laugeveggur, Bad Taste Records and more

  1. The whole country is awesome.
    Get out into the wilds and it feels like the place is evolving in front of your eyes. Point a camera in any direction and you’ll snap something interesting…


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