[Eben] Roll 11 – To the Lighthouse

I feel lucky to  live so close to the ocean. I have lived on the central coast of California for almost 8 years now, but I feel like it is only in the last couple of years that I have realized that I can go see its beauty on  a whim, without planning or making a special trip of it.

This roll was shot on an impulsive drive up the coast that we took one weekend when our son just couldn’t bring himself to nap. We drove up to Pescadero and had a lovely walk around the Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

This was the trip when I realized that my beloved Canon AE-1 was starting to have troubles. It had refused to fire a few times in the past, but by this point I had to hit the shutter several times to take each exposure.

This was also my first time shooting Ilford Delta 100. I really like the results with rodinal. I often tweak my black and white photos after scanning (nothing more than I would have done in the dark room, exposure and contrast usually). These were basically great right off the scanner.

Camera: Canon AE-1, 50mm 1.8

Film: Ilford Delta 100

Developer: Rodinol 1:100, Stand Developed

6 thoughts on “[Eben] Roll 11 – To the Lighthouse

  1. These are really crisp. I lived in the SF Bay Area for many years and love that part of the coast. I also feel your pain regarding the demise of a beloved companion camera. I hope it can be saved (or realistically, replaced) at a reasonable cost which cameras, unlike people and pets, can be, however much it pains us.


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