[raulpc] week 19 – CineStill 800T

My first experiment in trying this CineStill 800T, in 35mm mode with the F4, made around Cascais, Portugal, just pointing and shooting, the machine does it all, and I must say I just loved it.

Ended up using it in daylight, not Tungsten as it says, and as recommended with a Nikon A12 (85B equivalent) filter, to match daylight, and in this case with EI500.

Here are the best one from roll 1. Can hardly wait for the 120 versions and 4×5, that should be a delight. I backed up the project in Indiegogo, so all is on the way!


4 thoughts on “[raulpc] week 19 – CineStill 800T

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    • Thank you, Barnaby!… yeah, now imagine I got them from UK by mail, they do not sell it here, so more expensive even… I only got one each, just for trying. Now I am waiting for 120 and 4×5 from the Indiegogo campaign… 😀


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