Power Tool Drag Races and an XA2

A few weeks ago was the annual Georgetown Carnival, and one of the events is the Power Tool Drag Races put on by HazardFactory.    I shoot this every year, and this year I brought along an Olympus XA2 with a roll of color film in it.   I meant to shoot more, but it was a pretty busy event.


The racers are controlled with foot pedals and extension cords.


This fine racer is made from, and travels the track using chainsaws.



The announcers were excellent.  They kept up a great patter of commentary and humor.


This racer has a ramp in front of it to dislodge other racers in head-to-head crashes.


Train-like racer.


A skill saw and Cthulhu.



The broken Trump wall that was rebuilt between heats for the racers to crash through.


Racer made from some sanders, blades, and rollerblade wheels. It just came down that track.

It was a great deal of fun.

I shot regular color film, got it developed at the drugstore for $3.75, and scanned it with a Nexlab film scanner (AKA Pakon).
Sorry I didn’t shoot more.


3 thoughts on “Power Tool Drag Races and an XA2

  1. Am I the only one who thought of the baby headed mecanno legged spidery thing from Toy Story when first glancing at that doll?! Terrifying! Looks like a lot of fun though.


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