Roll 18 – The Jokers.

One weekend a month means a visit to my local music venue ‘The District’ in Pontypridd. I’ve been shooting there for well over a year now, but for some reason only on digital.
Time to have a go shooting film. I love the look of black and white concert photography but I had no Ilford in the fridge. (don’t judge me)…
Normally I shoot a gig at ISO 800 but I had Agfa Vista 200 in the camera so I decided to use some slow sync flash to help me out.
With hind sight it’s not the best film to use, but hey it was a cheap experiment.
I’ve been asked to shoot a charity gig at the club this weekend.
A four band line-up in aid of a Teenage cancer charity. And I have HP5 in the fridge….
My previous band photos can be seen here.


One thought on “Roll 18 – The Jokers.

  1. I swear this film can do almost anything. These look great. Note: this is a great argument for always overbuying film and having more on hand than you will possibly use in the next year.

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