Week 24 – Fathers Day


Last weekend was Fathers Day here in the UK and we popped down my parents to see my Dad.

Only in the last year or so I have been taking some photos of my parents when I realised that of all the thousands of images I have taken over the last 30+ years not many of them are of my parents.

Sadly both my Mum & Dad really hate having their photo taken so every time we call in to see them I always have my camera in hand to try and get mostly candid shots as neither will willingly pose for me.img006-EditI deliberately loaded my F80 with some HP5 as I love the way that it looks when pushed, I was not sure how high I was going to have to go so I left it until we got there and there was enough light to shoot it at 1600 iso which in my personal opinion gives lovely grain and still stays pretty sharp even shooting wide open.

Just for a change I asked my Dad if he minded if I took a shot of his hand which according to his story I caused 51 years ago.

The story goes …. He was working nights at a local carpentry works and I had just been born and was a baby that cried constantly which deprived him of his sleep and consequently managed to cut off his index finger.

He was working with his brother at the time and both of them managed to find the finger in the sawdust bale and the hospital managed to sew it back on (quite primitively compared to today’s surgeons).img007-Edit

Anyway my Dad was happy for me to make the image and I really love how it came out, HP5 is by far my favorite film and this subject matter pushed to 1600 work together well. img005-Edit

I did get him to sort of pose and forced a tiny smile too.

I wish I had taken more images of my parents over the past years but I am trying to make up for it whether they like it or not … ha haimg009-Edit img002-Edit

I did take other images on this roll after we left but I thought that I would like to post these as a little group in the same context .. I may post the others over on one of my blogs

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5 thoughts on “Week 24 – Fathers Day

  1. Great Tim! I wish I had taken pictures of my father’s hands when he was alive. He had great callused stone-masons hands. And he didn’t like getting his picture taken either. I am going to Ireland in a few weeks and I plan to take pictures on film of all my relatives!

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