52 Rolls Week 25:52

A little change up this week as promised.  We spent a Week in Montana at a B&W Photography/Printing workshop led by Nathan McCreery, and hosted by the Photographer’s Formulary.

Learned new things (like why I should use a spotmeter, why you should photograph at sunrise and sunset, what my best photographs say about me, film-base testing and that I’d like to have a Saunders Enlarger) and undid some bad, lazy habits…….and yes, developed my own film. Now I knew all of these things listed above, but no one ever truly made it all make sense to me.


Near Holland Lake, Condon, Montana (The Big Sky Country).

More images coming soon from the workshop.  I have more film to develop and some printing to do.  They have a very comfortable bed and breakfast (because there is nowhere to stay close by) call the Bed Inn Breakfast @ Standing Rocks.  The food was excellent (to die for), which is a rarity in the Rocky Mountain west, where pioneer style cooking still prevails.

Tech Info: Mamiya 6X7 Rangefinder, 43mm wide angle lens, Kodak T-Max 400, film developer: Formulary’s FA-1027, exposure: (spotmeter) f/22 for 4 seconds. Printed for 5 seconds @ f/11; sky burned an additional 5 seconds.  Original print @ 8X10. A work in progress.

4 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 25:52

  1. Cool image K I am very pleased that you made some progress and glad I could help you. We really do try to make a system out of it so that everything works together. I am hoping to start doing some posting next week. I will be proofing, probably all weekend, then I get to the fun stuff.


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