Week #26 – Back again?

For those who will remember me, my last post was in week #17 and it was called “Taking a Break” . By then I had some really bad results with film – all being my own fault.

So I stuffed it all away and turned to digital. To simply point and click and transfer the files on to the computer was feeling like a relief. I congratulated myself for leaving the 18th century. Why on earth should I struggle with film again?

The Digi-Cam became a true compaignon and I had some quite good results. Nothing ground-breaking, I was just fine with it. And I convinced myself…. in fact deluded myself… that I was on the right track: keep an eye on the picture, forget about gear, take advantage of modern technology, don´t look back.

Yet, some weeks have passed … and some days ago I found myself loading film again. I finished a fine roll of outdated Agfa APX400, bathed it in Silvermax, scanned it with a Canon 9000, had all the trouble and the failure and the spots again….and felt at home.

It is all about the picture – still true. But it is also about the gear and the process. So here I am with a new post. Am I back to 52 rolls? I don´t know yet – but it could happen.

Tomorrow we are invited to a wedding party within the familiy. Not sure yet, if a roll of film will find its way into the camera bag…  but I will let you know!  😉

2 thoughts on “Week #26 – Back again?

  1. Film IS about the journey……See Craig Sheaks series on YouTube postings about ‘The Journey. He also has several postings about large format.

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