52 Rolls Week 26:52

I’ve decided not to use color film for the project any longer.  I thought that the WOCA was the problem.  But it’s the film.  For some reason only the color film is not winding tightly in the camera.  I’ve had no problems with B&W.  So I’m still getting light leaks when I take the film out of the camera.  Don’t need the frustration, so I’m sticking with what works……B&W film.

So here are scenes from the last color film (light leaks and all) that I will post (unless I’m using one of my ‘real’ cameras).  Odds and ends around the House and at my local organic farmer:


We begin with my Yucca Baccata.  a succulent that I planted ~9 years ago when we moved in.  Takes about that long for cacti and succulents to bloom.  I hadn’t paid much attention to this plant until I walked by it one morning and saw this blossom.

And it grew fast!  a couple of days later I madethis photo:


Then again in a few days:


And finally an open flower:


And my lovely snowball bush.  Don’t know the technical name.  That’s what we always called these when I was growing up:


A fortunate ‘accident’.  We had our wheelbarrow stored under the bush.  Almost looks like a big bouquet of flowers in a wheeled cart……View my garden past and present.

And my Papaver Orientalis!

Also from a recent visit to a local organic Farmer that I purchase veggies from.  I also sometimes get my starter pants here for my own vegetable garden.  They have a great selection of peppers.

Tech Info:  Holga 120S & 120N, Kodak Portra 400.  Developed and scanned by Old School Photo Lab.

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