[eben] Roll 14 -The Little Cascade

Sometimes I get an idea, spend a lot of time trying to make it work, and end up not quite hitting the mark. That is what happened with this roll.

There is a little stream I drive by most days on the way down the mountain to work. Stream is too generous, it is probably less than a foot and a half wide at its largest, and narrows to just a few inches in some places. Just a trickle most of the time really, probably from an underground spring. As I drove by one day it occurred to me that it would be cool to get a shot of one of the little “waterfalls” that cascades down as the stream works it way into the valley. So after a couple of attempts at remembering to put my camera in the car I finally showed up with my Yashica-Mat LM and a roll of Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100.

I spent 8-9 shots trying to figure out the timing, the lighting and the positioning for the shot. In the end this was the best one I got.


It’s interesting, but somehow not really what I had in my head, alas. I chose a 100 speed film hoping to get a longer exposure and a bit of motion blur, which I did get to some degree, but it may have made more sense to use 400 speed, considering I was shooting on the dark forest floor under giant redwoods.

I finished off the roll in downtown Santa Cruz, where I came upon a couple of xylophone’s that were being loaded into a van by a school group. Around the corner there was a completely unrelated marimba band playing, so my extra two shots were both spent on wooden bar percussion instruments. Weird.



2 thoughts on “[eben] Roll 14 -The Little Cascade

  1. I like the high contrast and the deep blacks in the creek photograph. How about sharing your exposure process with us.


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