Anamorphic pinhole Museum of Flight

A few weeks ago (just got the film back) I and some other pinholistas went to Seattle’s Boeing Museum of Flight, and mostly shot outdoors.

I specifically wanted to do an anamorphic pinhole photo from inside this pedestrian walkway.Capture

I used Todd’s CoffeeCam, and got my favorite photo from that camera so far:img-065

For the other photos, I used an anamorphic camera made by    Here they are:



Accidental double exposure.  One’s from inside the walking bridge, and the other is of the space shuttle.

In addition to those, I was shooting with an Olympus XA215A17A18A20A23A25A26A28A


This is what happens when you have a stranger take your picture.


Quite a fun day.

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One thought on “Anamorphic pinhole Museum of Flight

  1. Very interesting effect. The double exposure really turned out interesting. That bridge is a great choice for that camera.


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