Week 25 Still meh

Last week I confessed to being in a photo funk, and I still am. I resorted to using another pack of stupidly expensive Impossible film which is still filling much of my vegetable drawer, to shoot weird stuff in my neighborhood. This is still the version 2 color. 3 is a vast improvement but I’m kind of over them for now. The only way to get their really good film is to buy their $300 camera. No thanks. End of rant.

The coastal community I live in is a combination of very upper middle class and funky run down (which will ultimately become the former when somebody dies). As a consequence there are lots of picturesque vehicles and some extremely interesting mailboxes. I especially liked the dinosaur. Also I happened on the phone booth while passing an abandoned restaurant building. I got out and tried to find a date on the very battered phone book but couldn’t. Of course I didn’t have the sense to check and see if the phone was still working…..

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