Week 25 – A little behind here …… and Lab problems

52 Rolls - week 25--4I have 3 cameras loaded with various different film stocks at the minute but did manage to eventually finish one last week, some Kodak E200 shot with my Mamiya 645.

I have shot E200 before but only had it cross processed so this time I decided to get it processed E6. The lab that I use only does C41 and B&W so I had to try another lab this time.

Well without naming names the transparencies came back after a week and were pretty poor to be honest, loads of black dots, a few frames scratched and other dirty marks.

I scanned all the frames just to see what they were actually like and they were awful. I have spent the last few days seeing what I could salvage and the power of photoshop CC and my Wacom tablet did wonders.

A few frames we too bad and after a few emails to the lab (they didn’t answer at first) they asked for me to return the films so they could check it out which I take as “they don’t believe me”.

Well I sent them back today and will wait for their reply before I say any more…. To say I am disappointed with the quality control and their doubting of my problems is an understatement.

Anyway here are the images that I salvaged, I am not 100% sure about the accuracy of the colours as there was a lot of tweaking in the scans and Photoshop to get to this which is something I don’t like to do as the joy of shooting film is getting images pretty much in camera and only slight tweaking for dust/hairs etc.52 Rolls - week 25--9 52 Rolls - week 25--8 52 Rolls - week 25--7 52 Rolls - week 25--6 52 Rolls - week 25--5 52 Rolls - week 25--3 52 Rolls - week 25--2 52 Rolls - week 25-001 52 Rolls - week 25-Here is one frame straight scan just to show what I was up against ….  😦img001Anyway on a happier note I will be finishing at least 3 rolls this weekend and will be going back to @film_dev for my processing and scans and if I shoot more E6 for conventional processing I will be going else where.

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5 thoughts on “Week 25 – A little behind here …… and Lab problems

  1. I really enjoyed these images! I’m sorry you are having issues with your lab. Like you, I like to do little to no processing after receiving my scans. Fortunately, the two labs I’ve used, have allowed me to do just that. I also have 3 cameras loaded with different stocks. Your images have inspired me to get out this weekend.

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  2. I feel your pain. I have a local (but sizeable and serves a lot of people by mail) lab that has ruined several different rolls in different ways. Every time, I swear I won’t use them again but on occasion I really really want something right away and they’re the only game in town. I also hate having to do anything except clean up dust when I scan, I always try to upload “unvarnished” scans. Your pics are lovely, and it’s a shame you had to go through this. Maybe you should name names……but not until you see what they do in customer service 🙂

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