Week 25: Time out

I’ve had a few online conversations recently about the Holga.  Those of you that follow these updates (Thank you!) know for me the Holga is a love/hate relationship.

It seems that what some people find frustrating with the Holga, me included, is the lack of any discernible control.  To explain, you can’t change shutter speed, aperture and focal length is at times best guess.  Clicking the shutter to me never feels like I have taken a picture.

This however I have learnt is also the charm of the Holga.  You are free to simply think of composition and this is really helping my journey with learning photography and when you get it right in a Holga combined with the softness of the lens, the vignetting and the odd light leak the images have a real charm to them that you cannot get in any other camera.

So back to this week.  London is a busy busy place, workers, tourist and Londoners always seem to be rushing around.  Life is busy and sometimes we all need to to take a break.  Thus linking to what I was talking about earlier, using the Holga and thinking about concentrating only on compositions and stories, I went out to photograph people taking a break amongst the hustle & bustle


and in this one, if you look closely (or zoom in) you might see me taking a break also!


2 thoughts on “Week 25: Time out

  1. I so admire you for continuing your resolve to do this. You’re halfway now! I would long ago have thrown the thing under an oncoming train. But you’ve managed to get some really nice images, especially the last one. I love the “No busking” sign too 🙂

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