Honkfest Afterparty

Honkfest is a worldwide (mostly U.S.) bunch of music festivals featuring acoustic horns & drums.   It’s your high school band who now wear all black clothes, drink, swear a lot and are always looking for an excuse to bring music to the streets.

HonkfestWest is the 3-day weekend festival of these bands in different parts of town each day.     Its a whole lot of fun.   And there’s an afterparty that always epic.

I was shooting the Fuji Ga645Wi again.      I did find that it focuses poorly in extremely low light.   I should learn to use the manual focusing on it, cumbersome though it is.    (2 modes:   a) focus on something by half depressing shutter, then hold down MF button.  It acts as focus lock.   You can let go of the shutter, but don’t let go of the MF button.    b) push the MF button first, then you can use the dial on top to set the distance by looking at distance numbers on the display.  I think it stays in this mode till you hit the MF button again.)

Chaotic Noise Marching Corps was there, plus a few other bands.    It was raining off and on, sometimes heavily, but not enough to deter the fun.
This year, they had a boat which was used kind of like a pinata.   It was perched on a pile of pallets.  Anyone could spray paint it, and later, take as many swings as they liked with a sledgehammer.



Playing drums to accompany the band



They might have been thinking of burning it, but decided against it.



The group had some left over clam chowder from some other event, so they put it on the boat.  It wasn’t for eating.  It ended up in the street.


Electric tricycle that went really really fast.





Some circus folks



Trashing a horn to play “baseball”



Pitching the bell



Propane trombone


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