Week 24: Trivia Night

Most Wednesday evenings you will find me at trivia night at our local pub.  For those not familiar, trivia nights involve one person asking progressively more difficult questions about historical, topical or other random topics and people compete to answer these questions while drinking beer or other spirits.  It is primarily an excuse to go out and have a couple of pints; like you need an excuse in the first place.

This particular week I decided to bring along my trusty Mamiya 645 Pro TL with Ilford 3200 speed film.  Learning my lesson from the last time I used 3200 speed film, I used a light meter.  Of course I decided to us a light meter app on my phone instead of bringing the Sekonic meter I use in the studio.  Turns out everything came out under-exposed but with the help of the scanner and other bits of software magic, I was able to save a few frames.

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