Week 26 – A day at the beach & back to my normal lab ….

52 Rolls - week 26-0007After my problems with the last roll that I had processed at a different lab as my favorite lab does not yet do E6 ( I did have a long chat with them regarding what happened and if there is more of a demand for E6 they may start doing it …. Yay )

Just to point out how good @film_dev are in my opinion, all these images are the lo-res scans that they upload for me while I wait for the Hi-res Tiff files to arrive and they are totally untouched other than importing into Lightroom and re-sized for export.

52 Rolls - week 26-0009Anyway … these were shot using my Mamiya C330 with the 80mm f2.8 on Kodak Ektar that I over-exposed by 1 to 2 stops using my Sekonic L308s.

We went for a lunchtime walk down Ogmore by Sea which is only a half hour drive from home.

There were a few dog walkers and some families with kids but by and large we had nice uninterrupted walk along the beach with a bit of rockpooling as well.52 Rolls - week 26-0005 52 Rolls - week 26-0010The light was lovely even though it was just after mid-day  and the choice of Ektar was great giving lovely sharp clean images, I don’t shoot it that often as sometimes I find that it looks a little too red in certain images but maybe these look so nice due to the lab’s colour correction.52 Rolls - week 26-0004 52 Rolls - week 26-0003The C330 is a beast to shoot with but the images I get from it are so nice, I am still getting to grips with the square format but as shooting with this camera really slows me down it helps me think more about how I am composing the frame.52 Rolls - week 26-000852 Rolls - week 26-000652 Rolls - week 26-0011I have about 20 rolls of 120 Ektar in the fridge as well as 10+ rolls of 35mm to so I am hoping for a few more sunny days here in Wales over the summer so that I can shoot more of it at iso 64 as its a little hard shooting this slow without a tripod 🙂52 Rolls - week 26-0002

Thanks for looking…..

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2 thoughts on “Week 26 – A day at the beach & back to my normal lab ….

  1. Good stuff Tim. Ektar is formulated in California and only seems to work for me in Californian conditions.
    I sent another couple of rolls to Filmdev today, but left the E-6 film in my drawer until I have a few to make the post worthwhile. If our friend in the north were to start processing it, he has another nailed-on customer here…

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