Week 26: Do Not read if you do not like bad language

How the actual fuck is it only halfway fucking through.  Twenty six bastard more weeks to go, Twenty Six!  Why the actual fuck did I agree to this, let alone to shoot all images on that gold plated shitgibbon of a camera, the Holga.  That’s 312 motherfucking lack of control exposures still to go. THREE HUNDRED AND TWELVE.

Right, now I have got that out of my system this week (starting  18th July) is Holga week  http://holgaweek.com so I will be shooting with the Holga almost everyday and will publish the results as part of my next updates. Please check out and support Holga week if you are a Holga shooter.  Before you ask or roll your eyes up. Yes, yes I am totally fine with the complete and utter contradiction between this paragraph and the first.

So anywho as this is a photo blog here are a couple of 35mm images I shot in the past week using Ilford Delta 400 a film I have not used before.  Enjoy





15 thoughts on “Week 26: Do Not read if you do not like bad language

  1. Hang in there bro! By not throwing the thing away and finding solace in megapixels, you’ve already done better than most. Time for a change of film type? Or to strap on a flash and go all Bruce Gilden?
    Cheers for the heads up on Holgaweek. I’ll dig mine out for this week’s roll…

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    • Thanks 👍 I’ll complete my 52 rolls with the Holga and am trying many different things with it, despite my lack of empathy with it. And don’t tell anyone but some of my favourite images this year have been taken with the Holga

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  2. After another bad day at work the first paragraph sums up so many aspects of my life right now. Thank you for the laugh! I have to admit, I love my Holga cameras but no where near enough to do the entire project on it.

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  3. Congrats on making it half-way you have a lot more patience than I would using a holga. Keep at it, we’re all behind you. That’s why I love this little group of crazies.

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    • Thanks, 35mm is what I mainly shot with. Nice retrospective some really good images in there. I have some special effects lenses too & not used them yet so was cool to see your results


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