Week 27: Chasing God Through Palmyra

Another retrospective post as I bring things up to date. This time, I offer you a few snaps from a roll of Fuji C200, shot through a Canon EOS5. It was another film spent capturing the development of our daughter Emily, and so knowing that there’s only so much cute you can take, I’ve edited to just four pictures.

As usual, I love how the C200 looks. It really is the best value film around and provides a film ‘look’ that no amount of Hipstagram filters can recreate. These are the scans straight from the lab too with no manipulation at all.

untitled shoot-026-3untitled shoot-020-2untitled shoot-014-1untitled shoot-039-4

5 thoughts on “Week 27: Chasing God Through Palmyra

  1. Love it! I only shoot Agfa Vista 400 these days when out with the family. The one stop is really invaluable at times and the grain is beautiful. The only other difference is that I switched to Minolta recently (a few posts will follow). Now I just need to find the time to sell all the Canon EOS gear (bodies, lenses, adapters).

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