3D pinhole, a Fed2 and an SLR

Hey y’all.
Yesterday there was a pinhole meetup in Centralia, WA.    Attending were Mr BullJana, Monica, Todd, and Christian.

I was shooting with Todd’s 3D printed stereo camera, an SLR with a roll I wanted to finish off, and a FED2 that Todd graciously gave me.  (!!)     After lunch, we rode a steam train, and shot around their yard a bit.

Here’s my pinhole stereo shots.  They’re crosseye.  Yes, it takes a bit of practice to cross your eyes, merge the images, and see them in 3D.


I didn’t develop or fix with enough agitation. So the sky’s a bit blotchy.  😦

Here’s the FED2 photos.   It has a 50mm f/3.5 lens.  Totally fun to shoot.



Christian had his 4×5.



Monica doing a 5 minute exposure with her Ondu pinhole camera.


Christian shooting with his Pentax 67.



Todd has a FED as well. 

And here are a few shots from the Canon Elan &NE.


I shot 3 more rolls in the stereo pinhole, but it was on really expired film.  I’m not totally hopeful that those will come out.  And I’d rather write this post than wait for them.

It was quite a fun day.   It’s great to get out of town and hang about with other pinhole photographers.   We’re doing this monthly.    It’s really nice to have someone to remind you to do stuff you like.

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